1. Regret

From the recording The Ladder

The biggest hit. It is a melancholy rubato anthem to the regrets of repeated errors of humanity. With a chorus sung in overtones (two pitches from one voice). Heart wrenching down to the final strains of solo cello.
Written by Kiva Simova
Keyboards, vocals: Kiva Simova
Acoustic guitar: Rob Piltch
Electric guitar: Chris Bennett
Cello: Anne Bourne
Keyboards, sampling: Gary Taylor



Charisma is so compelling
Potential for tragedy high
The meek wonder what they'll inherit
Is suffering justified

Something is so familiar
A feeling of dread in the air
When is that crucial moment
A failure to recognize

Reason is somewhat cloudy
And errors are made easily
Ages pass by without warning
Somehow the guilty remain

Why are we so determined
So eager to learn the hard way
Perhaps if it weren't for this lesson
We wouldn't be here anyway