1. On the Ganges

From the recording The Ladder

Starting with an ethereal loop with overtone singing, providing an atmospheric introduction to the setting of the river Ganges in India, this is a tribute to that great sacred place.
Written by Bob Fuhr and Larry Hicock
Piano, keyboards, vocals: Kiva Simova
Udu, Dumbek: Gary Taylor
Acoustic fretless bass: Mike Bossy
Pedal steel: Bob Taillefer
Violin: Oliver Schroer (deceased)



On the banks of the Ganges
The women are washing
Every day naked wide eyed children play
All the men gather together and pray

On the banks of the Ganges
The weak become strong
The aged are young
In a vast congregation beneath the sun
Where the dead and the dying are one

On the Ganges
Everything has always been this way
On the Ganges
Everything will always be this way
Be this way

Time goes by with invisible motion
Current turns from this river to the ocean
And the universe unfolds as the Ganges flows

On the Ganges
The cycle ends and is begun
On the Ganges
The cycle ends what you've begun
And you're the one