From the recording The Ladder

A wild and wacky rocking ride, complete with nuclear explosion. A metaphor for human relationships being experimental. As an anecdote, I once found myself in the living room of famed biologist Rupert Sheldrake, when he asked to hear this song. Surreal.
Written by Kiva Simova
Piano, vocals: Kiva Simova
Drums, sampling: Gary Taylor
Fretless bass: Mike Bossy
Guitar, Guitar synth: John Gzowski
Guitar: Kevin Breit



Chemistry is such that
It can cause a great explosion
Or cure the world of all its ills
Except for love's illusions

You bought up all my theories
A cut and dried transaction
Went somewhere else to use them
Leaving me with calculation

We were experiments gone wrong
Poisonous and flammable
Causing pandemonium
Downright incompatible
Don't try this at home

When half a brain is damaged
The other will compensate
So where were you when I needed you
When my schemes turned out half baked