1. Dare to Lose

From the recording The Ladder

Dreamy. About perseverance and going for it. Love the vocal climax towards the end.
Written by Kiva Simova
Piano, keyboards, Indian bells, vocals: Kiva Simova
Fretless bass: Mike Bossy
Pedal steel: Bob Taillefer
Triangle: Jim Casson



Why is the grass always greener
Nothing is quite right right here
I long for a land with no fences
A land where there is no fear

I take things for granted like you do
There's plenty of time where that came from
Why don't we just tie our rafts together
And search for the distant shore

Climbing the walls often feels like
The garden is only for the chosen few
You'll never know what you're missing
Only if you dare to lose
They maybe love will refuse
But if you dare to lose
Then maybe you'll gain the world
Only if you dare to lose