From the recording The Ladder

Another rocking frolicking number with a killer organ solo. About that dangerous woman you mustn't fall in love with, using the predatory plant and its prey as the model.
Written by Kiva Simova
Piano, vocals: Kiva Simova
Drums: Gary Taylor
Fretless bass: Mike Bossy
Guitar: John Gzowski
Guitar: Keven Breit
Organ: Rob Gusevs
Hand Claps: Kiva, Mike Bossy, Andy Bruce
Tambourine: Jim Casson



She plays upon the sensitive ones
That can't say no
Tries to get you in her clutches
And won't let go
I believe she's finally got you
Up against the wall
You could even say that you've been
Caught with your fly down

You follow temptation
And nothing's the way that it appears
What would you do if you found yourself
Staring down her throat
Venus and the fly

A word of caution to the wise
If you're caught off guard
You find yourself in her territory
You best run far
You gotta make your own decisions
A code to live by
This could be another case
Of Venus and the fly