1. Egyptian Eyes

From the recording The Ladder

Written on Christmas day in a tiny village in southwestern Crete when I was all alone. Literally caught a glimpse through venetian blinds of someone passing by and imagined this whole scenario. When I ended up in Japan shortly afterwards, the music took on a slightly Japanese sensibility.
Written by Kiva Simova
Piano, vocals: Kiva Simova
Guitar, guitar synth: John Gzowski



Framed upon my memory
For a split second
You were my eternal lover
Features refined
Egyptian eyes

I take it upon myself
No shifting blame
The animated images
They move too fast
Plagued by indecision
Blurring the field of vision

Could it be more unlikely
Then how am I to explain you

If you have nothing to lose
And you have time to spare
Slip your fingers through the shutters and
Touch my heart
Then disappear
Then disappear
Then disappear