From the recording The Ladder

Slightly melancholy track exploring the meaning of life through the metaphor of a picture in an art gallery that nobody understands.
Written by Kiva Simova
Piano, vocals: Kiva Simova
Cello: Anne Bourne



One day I wandered into a gallery
It must be my love of art
I sauntered down the hallways
It felt like a maze
And then I found it all by itself

The big picture painted by
Someone who'll never tell us why
If you're impatient so am I
Don't want to wait until I die

I returned many times to the gallery
Paid my admission fee each time
Kept getting lost in the hallways
Forgetting the way
Till I found it again all by itself

One day it came to me in a flash of light
All of the pieces seemed to fit
So I lectured to passersby
On the meaning of
The symbolism in the big picture

But they just turned and walked away
Too many opinions they said
And haven't you heard
The artist is dead