1. Seven Years

From the recording The Ladder

Raucous number exploring all the ways seven years can be used to explain someone's cycles of bad luck that they perhaps bring on themselves without any help.
Written by Kiva Simova
Piano, vocals: Kiva Simova
Drum kit, tabla, udu: Gary Taylor
Fretless bass: Mike Bossy
Guitar: John Gzowski
Guitar: Kevin Breit
Organ: Rob Gusevs
Djembe, Zaire drum: Jim Casson



You look into the mirror and
Don't like what you see
And you smash your fist into it
Just to test the theory
It takes a long time to go away
Seven years they say
And your life has become shattered

You reached the point where boredom
Settled in like the plague
And all the time you wasted
Left you burning with rage
And it takes a long time to understand
Seven years to mend
It's an itch that keeps on scratching

The bars on the window
The marks on the wall
Seven years to ponder
The sense of it all

It takes a long time to understand
Seven years to mend

The vultures couldn't wait until you were dead
They left behind your essence
Hanging by a thread
And it takes a long time to grow it back
Seven years in fact
But the soul's not so elastic