1. Untouchable

From the recording The Ladder

Written by Kiva Simova
Piano, keyboards, vocals: Kiva Simova
Acoustic fretless bass: Mike Bossy



You give me no reason
I search for the rhyme
A moment suspended in time
Fades as I open my eyes
The air won't respond to my cries

It all seems so random
And up in the air
It just doesn't seem to be fair
I don't care if it's right or it's wrong
I turned around you were gone
So untouchable

I'll build a fire
For my survival
And burn these pages
Of history
So I won't have to see
What never was meant to be

It seemed like the world
Had turned upside down
The last time you blew into town
I vaguely recall it was cold
The day I found out you'd been sold
So untouchable

I cannot defend myself to the wind
The will 'o the wisp it twists and it bends
It takes away all I hold dear to my heart
And expects me to start all over again