What the fans and reputable types are saying

"Kiva is an Enchantress: she will hypnotize, mesmerize, hold you captive in her spell, then release you resurrected. Her record 'The Quality of Light' is an enthralling musical delight, full of twists and turns. Thank you for this great work!"- Karen Allen

"Kiva in her artworks of sounds are digging deep in sources of creation, her voice is not coming from her body or even her heart, it seems, the sounds and the voices are coming from far away spaces of the universe. She is all the time playing with sounds, colors, spaces, inner and outer spaces, animations, teachings and experiments only to leave you totally fascinated by her great complex body of work. Spread the word about this beautiful source of voice coming from a very deep place full of beauty and humor, and a whole universe of sounds. THIS IS A MUST!"- Iman Kamel, filmmaker

"Along with her muscular and evocative vocal style, her craft of songwriting is highly evolved."- Graham Shaw, JUNO award winning artist

"Kiva uses overtone singing as kind of a natural synthesizer to add almost electronic sounding vocal effects to her music. Her songs are most creative, touching and a very unique combination of songwriting/pop and overtone singing. There are less than a handful of singers out there who use overtones in this new way."- Wolfgang Saus, overtone singing master

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Press Quotes

"...highly personal, yet global in scope and tone"- Penguin Eggs Magazine

"...ethereal, magical, guttural and entrancing all at once"- John Kendle, Winnipeg Free Press

"Kiva’s voice is sweet, powerful, innocent, exotic…Her lyrics are stirring and full of rich imagery, touching your senses and deepest emotions.”
- Bill MacLean, Beach Metro Community News, Toronto

"Pulse repeatedly holds your attention song after song...a force to be reckoned with"- Evolution of Media

“Kiva is an artist of rare vision and talent, whose music transcends both musical and geographic boundaries.” - Richard Fenton, former Artistic Director, Winnipeg Folk Festival

"Pulse surges in wave after wave of sheer textural bliss as cascading walls of vocal fluency cry, swoon and surprise amid a subtle swell of jazz, pop, Klezmer, Celtic, Caribbean and Cajun trimmings."
- Steve Baylin, Ottawa Xpress

"Pulse is not a spiritual album, not a dance record, not a representation of any ethnic group or country.... so what is it? Well, one of the greatest recordings of vocal prowess and diversity by one singer ever made, that's for sure!"- World Discoveries, Los Angeles

"...a unique treatment of overtones, grounding them in sensuality"- Tim Wilson, Vision TV

“The most eclectic performer”- Regina Leader Post (article on Regina Folk Festival)
Photo by Ondrej Stanek

Photo by Ondrej Stanek