Electronic Press Kit
mobile: +1 250 208 0160 (text only)
landline: +1 250 537 5786
email: kiva@kivasimova.com

Technical Requirements

-88 key keyboard (tuned acoustic or electric with weighted keys)
-P.A. system with built in reverb or external reverb unit (with minimum of 4 channels)
-one monitor
-boom mic stand
-small side table for laptop
-piano bench or stool
-one keyboard stand
-all related cables, speaker cables, 1/4" cables (pre-tested for working condition)
-AC outlet with 2 sockets
Description of performance

-Solo performance with piano/ keyboards and vocals
-Optional addition of Jim Casson (percussion) and Ian de Souza (bass), both residing in Toronto
-Some use of laptop for background instrumentation or extra vocals
-One set of approximately 1 hour & 30 minutes OR 2 sets of 45 minutes each

-Selections from all 3 CDs
-Audience participation
-Optional invitation of local instrumentalist(s) i.e. didgeridoo, jaw harp, electric bass, cello, etc. for improvised piece at end. They can draw their fans too!

Overtone Singing Workshop

-Optional but highly recommended as a bonus for concert attendance. May be organized through separate institution or home in local area.
-Attendees may receive discount for concert admittance.
-May take place on day before or day after concert.
-Duration: 4 hours
-See Overtone Singing page for information on the workshops.
Venue owner testimonial:

"As I write this I am easily taken back to those moments when I first encountered Kiva and the haunting overtones and the desired effect they had on me…. a visit from the Wyrd Sisters years back at the Duncan Garage Showroom with a short portion during the show given to Kiva so as to showcase her own material, vocals and arrangements on piano left me mesmerized and in awe…. immediately struck up a friendship… my first thoughts were how do we let the world have access to this so inclusive wonderment….this spiritual happening that transforms your daily routine into an energy that is almost visible, almost edible and for sure oh so refreshing…the musical journey through civilizations that can keep you grounded for as long as you need to be…there is a reason she is revered in her genre of choice…one concert will show you why."
- Longevity John Falkner, Owner/operator of the Duncan Garage Showroom, Duncan, BC, Canada (presenter of 2600 performances in just over 10 years)
Promo poster for concert dates- Upon confirmation, your venue information and all details will be filled in the space under the title, and sent to you in a suitable format for printing.
Kiva starts her guest improvisational spot at 4:15 in this video, with the Yellow Sisters in Prague.
The following video is an overview of Kiva's participation in the Bylisfonia Polyphonic Singing Festival in Albania '08, held in an amphitheater built in the 3rd century BC. In the background, you hear the demo version of the newly released 'The Opposite of Torture'. Kiva was one of only three invited foreign artists.
The following video is from the Prague Overtone Festival 2009. Kiva plays her piece 'Undercurrents' with special guest, master overtone singer Wolfgang Saus.
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