Solo albums

Kiva Simova- The Quality of Light  ('14) Produced by Kiva Simova
Kiva- Pulse ('05) Produced by Dan Donahue
Kiva- The Ladder ('98) Produced by Gary Taylor

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Album credits with other artists

Jenny Robinson ('16) Jenny Robinson (backup vocals and keyboards)
Sound Dreaming ('12) Wendalyn Bartley (track #1, high range overtone accompaniment)
In These Arms, A Song for all Beings ('11) Jennifer Berezan and friends (featured improvised vocals)
Waiting for Catherine to Call ('08) The Ormidales (overtone singing)
Sin and other Salvations ('01) The Wyrd Sisters (backup vocals and keyboards, awarded best roots recording, Prairie Music Awards)
Heart of Mind ('00) Charlie Ringas (improv vocals)
The Circle of Days ('98) The Ring Cycle (featured vocals, including overtone singing)
Flame of Days ('98) Charlie Ringas (improv vocals)
Revolving ('98) Charlie Ringas (improv vocals)
Dancing with the Living ('97) Strange Angels (vocals and keyboards)
Moksha ('96) The New Millennium Orchestra (featured overtone singing)
It's Allright ('96) Xiao Ping Lee (arrangement, overtone singing, production)
Live in Poughkeepsie ('94) Crash Test Dummies (backup vocals and keyboards)

The following video of Jennifer Berezan and friends  'In These Arms- A Song for all Beings'  features Kiva's excerpt at 7:25.